Digital Innovations for your Skin

Digital Innovations

When the world is going digital in every sphere of life, can the beauty industry be far behind? This is one of the fastest growing industries today with billions of dollars being pumped in annually in product development and new innovations. Hence there is a quantum leap in the way beauty treatments are carried out today. No longer are the time tested and conventional procedures which needed surgical interventions and extended downtime and recuperation periods in vogue. The same skin rejuvenation treatments are today completed in under an hour and the patient can resume routine life almost immediately.

This is primarily because of the equipment that is available for such processes today. All machines are made from the finest Japanese and German components and are manufactured in state of the art facilities around the world. In-built safety measures ensures that all processes are safe and do not have any side effects. Companies manufacturing or importing them take special care to train handlers of such equipment so that the treatments given to patients are of the highest order.

An example will illustrate this point better. Universal Medical Aesthetics are industry leading importers and distributors of such high end technologically advanced equipment in Australia. After a sale, the company provides hands-on training to purchasers who are usually owners of beauty salons and spas. The training is provided on devices that are similar to the one bought from them. It is an extensive training programme lasting all of 2 to 3 days depending on the model and complexity of the machine. Once the course is over, technicians become fully equipped to handle the machines safely for optimum results. This has really geared up IPL machine for sale in Australia.

Here are some skin care treatments on the digital platform that have taken the world by storm.

Skin rejuvenation and permanent hair removal

There are many models and versions of machines for this type of treatment. It ranges from powerful 3500w output machines to smaller desktop versions that are ideal for small beauty salons and spas. All this equipment is run on Intense Pulsed Technologies (IPL) and Laser that make for quick and effective procedures. Issues that can be treated are ageing and sagging skin, removal of wrinkles and freckles, age spots and acne marks and skin hyper-pigmentation. Beams of light are targeted at the area under treatment. These enter the skin’s surface and boost production of collagen which is the most important component for a healthy and young skin.

For permanent hair removal similarly, melanin the hair pigment producing element which lies at the root of the follicle is burnt out by the light thereby stopping future growth. Treatment is effective for all skin types and hair colour. A number of sessions spread out about a couple of weeks apart are necessary for complete and permanent hair removal.

Tattoo Removal

Even a decade back, tattoos were considered to be permanent etchings on the body and painful surgical interventions were required for their removal. Today, it is a relatively painless procedure with laser and IPL machines. Tattoos removed with these machines do not leave any residue impressions and another tattoo can again be etched over that area.

Here too, light beams from a hand held device are targeted at the tattoo. These beams vibrating at nanoseconds enter the top layer of the skin and break up the ink into minute fragments which get absorbed later by the body’s natural waste disposal processes. Several sessions are required for complete removal. Each session is done after the soreness from the previous one has healed. Tattoos with black ink can be removed in a few sessions while the greens and blues take longer.

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These are some of the digital innovations for skin care treatments prevalent today.