Protecting Kids from A Negative Digital Environment

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The Internet has created a world with an open environment that brings out the good and the evil of society. Its openness and the fact that it is not controlled and any content can be accessed by anybody have brought out the dark side of it. And that is, children with impressionable minds are falling prey to it and are developing lifestyles that are not quite suited for the young. In the past, the nature of books and magazines given to children could be monitored by the parents. But today, a smart phone or a tablet takes children through content that can have an adverse impact on them. Celebrity culture is easily to follow and “new” technologies are now more discussed in schools than lessons.

Given this scenario, there is a pressing need to protect kids from the harmful effects of the digital environment. Here is a bird’s eye view of the subject under discussion.

  • Reverting to traditional education systems – The negative effects of the digital revolution starts at a very young age. School books and notebooks are slowly being replaced by tablets as a learning tool and are supplemented by various educational apps. While it is necessary that children from a very young age are imbibed with the benefits of technological advancement, the use of tablets and smart phones for learning cannot be restricted to that only – the Internet is free and open for anyone wanting to access it. And along with that comes knowledge of events related to crime and hate and perverse sexuality that can harm and hurt the sensibilities of young children. If entry to the Internet cannot be controlled, it is always preferable to revert back to traditional backboard learning till a definite age.
  • Monitoring children’s activities – How can this be done without giving an impression that parents are snooping on their kids. An example can illustrate this point well. If you are a resident of the State of Victoria in Australia for example, install home alarm systems in Melbourne and have an audio visual tracking device in your children’s room. Apart from monitoring that your kids are safe especially the younger ones, you can track their Internet usage too over video surveillance. This can definitely be a very effective option. For more details on how the security network works, visit the site

There are also advanced tools and technologies that can be used to balance out the negative effecvts of digitisation. However, in the world of the Internet, make sure that your child makes the best use of it safely and securely without any apparent harm.